Daily Rhythm

Our Daily Rhythm: Covenant Christian School

Morning Hymn Study and Pledge to the American flag (All Grades)

Morning (Monday-Friday): Core Academics Courses (All Grades)

Midday Lunch out of doors, weather permitting

Afternoon (Monday-Friday): Core Academics and “Delightful” subjects.

Note: All Core Academics for K-3rd grade are completed before lunch.

Charlotte Mason Distinctives (Delightful Hour):

K-3: Our youngest students spend their afternoons enjoying time outside and enjoying our Charlotte Mason distinctive studies, to include Composer Study, Artist Study, Art, Handicraft, Gardening, Tea Time and more.

4-5: 4th and 5th graders spend some time completing Core Academics as their studies have become even richer and deeper. In addition to this, they enjoy time with all of our Charlotte Mason Distinctives with the added fun of Physical Education.

6-8: Our middle schoolers will also spend time completing Core Academics in the afternoon with continued time with our Charlotte Mason Distinctives woven in. Middle School shifts to a block schedule to allow for deeper conversations and explorations, so their Distinctive Studies will not follow the exact schedule of other grades. Middle School students will also participate in Physical Education once a week.



Charlotte Mason afternoons will continue to be offered for home-educated Kindergarten through Second grade students.

Charlotte Mason afternoons are available for 3rd-5th Grade students on Tues-Thurs.

A la Carte options are available for Middle School Students (6-8). Click here for more information.

Please contact the office at office@ccswilliamsburg.org for more information.