The Covenant Christian School curriculum was uniquely created to provide a Christ-centered, Charlotte Mason inspired education to our students.books2

Our curriculum is designed to give children access to great ideas in abundant quantity. It is not a textbook approach, but rather a series of carefully chosen living books, works of art, musical compositions, scripture passages, skills, and techniques that a child is offered. The literary or artistic quality of the work and the quality of the ideas contained therein are of primary importance in its inclusion in our curriculum.

Our education is very rigorous yet it is not stressful. We accomplish this by placing our emphasis on the assimilation of ideas and the mastery of skills rather than on the performance of measurement tasks.

If you have further questions regarding curriculum or your child’s unique needs, please call or stop by anytime! We are happy to share more about our curriculum in a personalized education consultation with our Head of School.

Covenant Christian School
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