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                                                    Tuition Payment Election Form


Student Name:_________________________  Grade: (2017-2018)________________


Parent/ Guardian(s) Name (responsible for tuition):



Address: ______________________________________________________________

City/ State/ Zip: _________________________________________________________

Phone #:_______________________________


Tuition Fee Schedule for 2017-2018 school year:

Fee Schedule

Registration Fee                                           $500 ($200 applied toward final tuition payment)

Testing Fee (Optional)                                 $50 (payable prior to testing)

Book Fee                                                          $100

Supplies Fee (Forms I & II)                           $250

Supplies Fee (Forms III – VII)                       $300

Tuition Rates

Form I – Half Day (Kindergarten through First Grade)          $4950

Form I – Full Day (Kindergarten)                                                 $7100

Forms II & III – (First Grade through Fourth Grade)               $8100

Form IV – (Fifth Grade and Sixth Grade)                                   $8500

Form V – (Seventh Grade and Eighth Grade)                            $8900

Form VI – (Ninth Grade through Eleventh Grade                     $9100

Form VII – (Twelfth Grade – Base Tuition)                                 $6800

Form VII – (Twelfth Grade – Additional Coursework)             $1650/course

Payment Plan:


Tuition Payment Options

  1. A) Annual Payment               B) Two-Payments                   C) Monthly Payments

3% discount with pay-            Two payments made on              Eleven monthly payments

ment in full directly to              August 1st & December 1st.         on the first of the month,

the school by check or                                                                (July-May) (plus 3% service fee)

cash by July 1st


Payment Plan Election:____ Option A   ____ Option B   ____Option C


I have read and completed the above Tuition Payment Election Form.  I agree to pay according to the plan selected above.


Financially Responsible Parent/ Guardian Signature

___________________________________________________ Date: ______________