Why do you not give grades?
Actually, we do give grades! The format of our grades does vary from year to year. Students in grades K-5 receive in-depth written reports detailing the student’s individual strengths, weaknesses, and areas of growth and struggle. These written reports provide a much more detailed and accurate picture of a student’s progress than mere grades alone.

In the middle school years, students transition to letter grades; however, written reports continue to be provided to supplement the letter grades and provide a more individualized evaluation of student progress.

In the high school years, students receive traditional letter grades. Parents are invited to meet with teachers at any time to discuss their student’s progress in more detail.

How much homework can I expect?
All students are required to complete 30 minutes of reading every day. In addition, students in younger grades may have up to 30 minutes of other work (math, phonics, grammar). In middle school, students can expect up to an hour of homework daily in addition to the reading. High school students will have up to 90 minutes of homework each evening.

boy smileWhat is the discipline of habit formation so important to Covenant Christian School?
At Covenant Christian School, we instill in our students the discipline of good habit formation. According to Charlotte Mason, “The habits of the child produce the character of the man…Every day, every hour, parents [teachers] are either passively or actively forming those habits in their children upon which, more than upon anything else, future character and conduct depend.”

So the question for any school to ponder is not Are we teaching our students habits? The question is Which habits are we teaching our students? At Covenant Christian school we are intentional about the discipline of habit formation in order to disciple our students toward godly character and service.

Why do you offer half day Kindergarten?
Covenant Christian School encourages parents to preserve a true childhood for their young children, including time in the morning for academic pursuits and time after lunch to play, explore, and be a kid!

For parents whose schedules require full-day Kindergarten, it is a joy for us to offer our inspirational Charlotte Mason Afternoons program as the second half of our full day Kindergarten option.  We believe you will find a happy and healthy child that arrives home each afternoon – a student enriched with ideas that spark his or her imagination and developmentally appropriate experiences, lacking the stresses often placed on youngsters in other environments. We hope this will be a blessing to your family.