NARRATION – the act of telling back, or recounting, the passage read after only one hearing or reading. This retelling is not a random recall or a summary, but a thorough recount from beginning to end, point for point and event for event, using a significant amount of the structure and language of the author formulated in the students’ own words. Narration requires the use of the imagination. It gives students the occasion to use correct and complex language structures (vocabulary, sentence structure, and grammar) beyond what they are able to generate on their own. writingNarration necessitates the giving of one‘s undivided attention to the reading, allowing the student to tell what he or she has just attended to confidently and successfully. Students’ retellings show evidence of their understanding of new vocabulary and new ideas.  Kindergarten through second-grade students narrate orally or through pictures.  Third graders begin the transition into written narrations.